Mark Begelman COO Office Depot & Guitarist

Mark Begelman is a business entrepreneur and as Chief Operating Officer Office Depot ODP +%. Mark D. Begelman (COO) he created pizza chains, Mars Music and recently Mark Begelman Studio. He is an astute guitar player and has a top rated recording studio located in Deerfield Beach Florida.

Mark Begelman, who was a former office depot president and guitarist, founded Mars Music Company. He started Mars Music after purchasing five-store Ace store chain situated in South Florida after experiencing dissatisfying shopping experiences with his own music store. He opted to come up with a superstore store chain located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company MARS, which is an acronym for Music And Recording Superstore, reached its peak or optimal when it consisted of 49 stores in 20 different states. Back then it was the largest music company in the United States. Unfortunately, at the end of the year 2002, the company ran out of business due to strenuous struggle to come up or raise additional capital to keep company running. The main factors leading to the collapse of the business include over expansion and failed reorganization attempts.

Mark Begelman MusicBegelman was also motivated to start mass due to lack of appropriate pricing, limited product selection and incompetent store personnel in his previous store. These limitations lead him to finally decide to set 10 million dollars to start Mars Music. MARS music company began with a wide variety of audio equipment and music instruments with tagged prices. All the audio equipment and music instruments had performance stage, practice room and a recording studio.

Additionally, the company comprised a learning center where suitable music instrument lessons for music enthusiasts both individuals and groups were taught. It also included other options like Babies Make Music, weekend warriors and early childhood music among others. At that time in U.S, Mars Music was the largest music company providing private music lessons with online instrument lessons also available. The online music lessons had top notch technologies which were new and unique during that time.

In the year 2000, the company entered substantial sponsorships and partnerships. Later on in November 2002, it was declared bankrupt following filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. This was due to failure in the planned expansion which yielded poor results.

Some famous and legendary artists have walked through Mark’s studio. Rick Springfield and Queensryche are among the prominent artists. In fact whenever Rick Springfield goes to Miami area for a performance, show or to simply jam out, he usually pays a visit to Begelman, one of the co-founders and owners of Markee Music.

Other than MARS music his major achievement, Mark Begelman ran his own foundation, restaurant and pizza chains, pizza fusion.


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