Pink Floyd and their music by Mark Begelman

Find out about Pink Floyd and their music by Mark Begelman. If you have appreciation for Pinl Floyd, read Mark Begelman’s Post!

Mark Begelman on Pink Floyd

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In an age where rock and roll was evolving at a rapid pace, bands were constantly looking for ways to push the musical envelope. One of the bands that came out of what was called, the psychedelic era, was Pink Floyd. They combined traditional instruments with drum machines, sound effects, synthesizers and bizarre audio editing made Pink Floyd the premier band of the decade. As many bands before them, Floyd cites them as providing inspiration for several of their signature songs and sounds”

The band Pink Floyd has been popular throughout several generations since they formed in 1965. Original members included Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, and Syd Barrett. David Gilmour joined in 1967 when Syd Barrett had to leave the group. Since those early days in the 60’s, Floyd has grown to become the most popular band in rock and roll musical history. Learn more about the album and move Pink Floyd The Wall.

Released in November 1979, The Wall was an intriguing musical story about Pink, a character roughly portraying the life of Roger Waters. In fact, Waters wrote the story and most of lyrics. The music is astounding and touches a special place in the hearts of listeners. The song ‘Thin Ice’ starts with a baby crying and speaks of the pitfalls in Waters life, starting as early as infancy.

Several parts in the movie are done as fantastic and intricate animation. Many people have found the graphics to be reminiscent of the Berlin Wall in Germany. The lyrics do not portray this aspect, focusing on obstacles in life that were being torn down through emotional and physical pain. Some critics have said some of the lyrics were of a political nature as well.

Being controlled in life is one aspect shown in the music lyrics. The evidence of control Waters felt by his peers and government were obvious in both the music and movie animation. He wrote descriptions of being in a classroom as a kid, being controlled by a vicious schoolmaster.

The lyrics and animations are symbolic of several aspects in Water’s life. He was a rock star and losing a grip on his life he had as someone not famous and rich, hence the role his wife plays in both the movie and lyrics. His mother is also a dominant force in his life. Several parts of the animation depict his mother and the influences she had on Waters.

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