Mark Begelman COO Office Depot & Guitarist

Mark Begelman is a business entrepreneur and as Chief Operating Officer Office Depot ODP +%. Mark D. Begelman (COO) he created pizza chains, Mars Music and recently Mark Begelman Studio. He is an astute guitar player and has a top rated recording studio located in Deerfield Beach Florida.

Mark Begelman, who was a former office depot president and guitarist, founded Mars Music Company. He started Mars Music after purchasing five-store Ace store chain situated in South Florida after experiencing dissatisfying shopping experiences with his own music store. He opted to come up with a superstore store chain located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company MARS, which is an acronym for Music And Recording Superstore, reached its peak or optimal when it consisted of 49 stores in 20 different states. Back then it was the largest music company in the United States. Unfortunately, at the end of the year 2002, the company ran out of business due to strenuous struggle to come up or raise additional capital to keep company running. The main factors leading to the collapse of the business include over expansion and failed reorganization attempts.

Mark Begelman MusicBegelman was also motivated to start mass due to lack of appropriate pricing, limited product selection and incompetent store personnel in his previous store. These limitations lead him to finally decide to set 10 million dollars to start Mars Music. MARS music company began with a wide variety of audio equipment and music instruments with tagged prices. All the audio equipment and music instruments had performance stage, practice room and a recording studio.

Additionally, the company comprised a learning center where suitable music instrument lessons for music enthusiasts both individuals and groups were taught. It also included other options like Babies Make Music, weekend warriors and early childhood music among others. At that time in U.S, Mars Music was the largest music company providing private music lessons with online instrument lessons also available. The online music lessons had top notch technologies which were new and unique during that time.

In the year 2000, the company entered substantial sponsorships and partnerships. Later on in November 2002, it was declared bankrupt following filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. This was due to failure in the planned expansion which yielded poor results.

Some famous and legendary artists have walked through Mark’s studio. Rick Springfield and Queensryche are among the prominent artists. In fact whenever Rick Springfield goes to Miami area for a performance, show or to simply jam out, he usually pays a visit to Begelman, one of the co-founders and owners of Markee Music.

Other than MARS music his major achievement, Mark Begelman ran his own foundation, restaurant and pizza chains, pizza fusion.


Things To Consider When Choosing A Recording Studio

Mark Begelman discusses the things to consider when choosing a recording studio.

MArk Begelman Recording Studio

MArk Begelman Recording Studio

If you love music and you dream of becoming a rock star, you have to think about the recording process. This process often proves to be difficult for most aspiring musicians as they try to choose the best option for their career. The availability of home recording equipment has added to the confusion, as many musicians are not sure about the best move for their career. The fact is that, attempting to record music on your own can be a difficult task and getting a recording studio can be the best move you can make.

Planning the process

Leaving the recording process to a qualified sound engineer is more productive than doing the job yourself. It is important to start planning early so that you can get the best services. While this may be an expensive option, it will yield better results. Trying to write, edit, mix, arrange and perform the music all by yourself can be difficult and you risk losing focus along the way. When you choose the best studio for your music, you can avoid becoming over-involved, which can affect the results.

Establish your budget

Your budget will determine the studio that you can choose, making it the major factor when it comes to shopping around. The budget is often a limiting factor for most artists who are starting out and it is a fact that the expensive studios often offer the best when you want professional results. It is important to do some research so that you can find out how to get the most from your recording budget. Remember that there are always places where you can get the results that you need within your means.

The recording facilities

The studios or rooms that are available for the recording will determine the results that you get. A good studio will have rooms that are ideal for different kinds of music. The treatment used on the walls can affect the quality of the sound and you have to think about this factor when recording with drums and other loud instruments. A good room should enhance the quality of the sound without adding unwanted frequencies. It is a good idea to talk to people who have used the studio to get some feedback.

The equipment available

Think about the equipment that is available at the music studio. Good quality equipment will result in good quality sound. A good recording studio should have equipment that will ensure that your music has the desired depth and focus. You can avoid the harshness and poor quality that is associated with cheap equipment. Good sound recordings should not have the lack of depth that is often attributed to digital sound. You want the music to sound as “live” as possible.

Mixing can be a stressful and delicate process and it will determine the overall sound of the band. Capturing the right tone is essential and it helps to have a competent sound engineer who will ensure that you get the best production results. Avoid rushing the process but remember that the more time that you spend in the studio, the more expensive it will be.

Rock and Roll Holiday Songs by Mark Begelman

Mark Begelman on Bobby HelmsMusic is a major some portion of a wide range of holidays, yet this winter season appears to outrank the rest regarding musical creation. There are new holiday songs being composed all the time so it bodes well that throughout the years more than a couple rock and roll specialists have left their own particular imprint on the holiday season. To praise the holidays this year, I thought I’d assembled a two section rundown of some of my most loved holiday themed songs. This first part bargains all the more straightforwardly with rock and roll specialists and “not exactly customary” numbers, while section two will run tomorrow and will manage more conventional organizations.

This rundown may appear somewhat one-sided towards Christmas songs, however that is on the grounds that I observe Christmas. That isn’t a thump against some other holidays (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and so on), it’s simply that I don’t know numerous songs for alternate holidays.

1: “Don’t Believe in Christmas” – the Sonics

This is one of those lost jewels of a holiday song that you’ll likely never hear on customary the holiday radio stations. The first punk rock Christmas hymn complete with a touch of nasty state of mind, coarse guitars and an awesome beat, this is unquestionably not you’re ordinary holiday song. It’s one of my top picks however, both as far as holiday songs and tracks from the Sonics so look at it on the off chance that you find the opportunity.

2: “Didn’t I Get This Last Year” – Unknown Artist?

This one remains somewhat of a secret to me as it was various years back that I heard this one on holiday radio, and that was the main time I heard it so I have no clue who performed it. I’ve been discussing it since the time that however in light of the fact that it struck me so clever. A song committed to that sad occasion of getting endowments that are the same as the earlier year and set to the tune of “Do You Hear What I Hear”, this is another to listen up for as it’s very entertaining.

3: “Blue Christmas” – The Beach Boys

Initially composed by Bill Hayes and Jay Johnson, this one has been finished by everybody from Frankie Avalon and Elvis Presley to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. All the distinctive rendition are useful for different reasons… some are clearly superior to anything others however. By and by I favor the adaptation by the Beach Boys for reasons unknown (I couldn’t let you know why regardless of the fact that I needed to), or the one by Elvis, yet you may suspect something. Regardless of who’s performing it, this is an extraordinary holiday number.

4: “Jingle Bell Rock” – Bobby Helms

No rock and roll holiday is finished without this one. It’s a fantastic known far and wide and in light of current circumstances. Initially advanced by Bobby Helms I accept, in spite of the fact that he didn’t compose it, this one has likewise been secured and duplicated by various diverse specialists throughout the years, all to different degrees of progress. The first is my top choice, yet in the event that I was going to pick an alternate form as a second top choice, I’d run with the one by the Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem… that would be the rock band from the Muppets for those not aware of present circumstances.

5: “Glad Xmas/War is Over” – John Lennon and Yoko Ono

This is effectively my most loved holiday song ever… notwithstanding prevailing over more customary songs. There is simply something about it that not just superbly catches the holiday soul of peace and giving, however is to a great degree extraordinary and capable at passing on those emotions… only a spine shivering song whether it’s December or July. I particularly like every one of the youngsters on move down vocals, as with every one of our legislative issues and philosophies, it’s anything but difficult to overlook that a major a portion of the holidays is for the kids and when the holidays are hindered by battling or strife, they’re the ones who truly endure. A stunning piece of songwriting, organization and plan by Lennon, and a holiday exemplary in the meantime.

Mark Begelman loves music and loves the Holidays.

U2 The Band Of Decades by Mark Begelman

Mark Begelman gives an insight on U2, the band of Decades. Follow Mark Begelman on Twitter and Facbeook.

U2 originally formed in 1976 in Dublin, Ireland, when they were just in secondary school, they were not who they are now who they were back then, they had very limited musical skill, U2 has come a very long way since, U2‘s sound was originally rooted in post punk.

Mark Begelman & U2

“2005-11-21 U2 @ MSG by ZG” by The original uploader was Wikipedia brown at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons. Source: Zachary Gillman [1] (Image accessed, January 2010, at: [2]). Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Commons –

They were signed by Island Records within only four years of forming and had their first public album ‘Boy’, which captures the frustrations and complications of adolescence, Boy was released on Oct, 20, 1980, songs such as “I Will Follow” was wrote about the passing of Bono’s mother when he was 14.

In 1987, U2 released the album ‘The Joshua Tree’, before this album, U2 was more successful at touring than selling records but this was the album that put them in the spotlight in record sales.

Come 1991, U2 reinvented themselves with the album, “Achtung Baby” they now introduced dance, industrial and alternative rock into their music.

Some very interesting and amazing fact about U2.
*U2 has 22 Grammy awards! That is more than any other band has.
*In 2005 they were put into the R&R HOF in the very FIRST year they were eligible!
*U2 is labled as the Biggest Band in the World by Rolling Stone.
*U2 often campaigns for human rights.
*In 1977, U2 changed their name to The Hype.
*U2 received their first Grammy for The Joshua Tree.
*U2 has sold more than 150 million records, which places them among the few elite best selling music artists in history, in HISTORY.
*One of Coldplay’s inspirations is U2.

U2 is without a doubt a very great band, if not the greatest rock band in the chronicles of Earth itself and they have continued to impress and inspire the masses and still reel in new fans, and just thinking they have been famous for nearly 40 years now is praise in itself.

If you don’t know who U2 is, I suggest listening to some of their work. For more amazing blogs Check out: Mark Begelman Blogspot ! ! !


Pink Floyd and their music by Mark Begelman

Find out about Pink Floyd and their music by Mark Begelman. If you have appreciation for Pinl Floyd, read Mark Begelman’s Post!

Mark Begelman on Pink Floyd

“Pink Floyd – all members” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –














In an age where rock and roll was evolving at a rapid pace, bands were constantly looking for ways to push the musical envelope. One of the bands that came out of what was called, the psychedelic era, was Pink Floyd. They combined traditional instruments with drum machines, sound effects, synthesizers and bizarre audio editing made Pink Floyd the premier band of the decade. As many bands before them, Floyd cites them as providing inspiration for several of their signature songs and sounds”

The band Pink Floyd has been popular throughout several generations since they formed in 1965. Original members included Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, and Syd Barrett. David Gilmour joined in 1967 when Syd Barrett had to leave the group. Since those early days in the 60’s, Floyd has grown to become the most popular band in rock and roll musical history. Learn more about the album and move Pink Floyd The Wall.

Released in November 1979, The Wall was an intriguing musical story about Pink, a character roughly portraying the life of Roger Waters. In fact, Waters wrote the story and most of lyrics. The music is astounding and touches a special place in the hearts of listeners. The song ‘Thin Ice’ starts with a baby crying and speaks of the pitfalls in Waters life, starting as early as infancy.

Several parts in the movie are done as fantastic and intricate animation. Many people have found the graphics to be reminiscent of the Berlin Wall in Germany. The lyrics do not portray this aspect, focusing on obstacles in life that were being torn down through emotional and physical pain. Some critics have said some of the lyrics were of a political nature as well.

Being controlled in life is one aspect shown in the music lyrics. The evidence of control Waters felt by his peers and government were obvious in both the music and movie animation. He wrote descriptions of being in a classroom as a kid, being controlled by a vicious schoolmaster.

The lyrics and animations are symbolic of several aspects in Water’s life. He was a rock star and losing a grip on his life he had as someone not famous and rich, hence the role his wife plays in both the movie and lyrics. His mother is also a dominant force in his life. Several parts of the animation depict his mother and the influences she had on Waters.

This is just one of the many bands that we will profile in this interesting series. Keep a look out for other special features, facts, and everything else Beatles. If you are ever in Las Vegas be sure to check out the number one Beatles Tribute Band in the World: BeatleShow!

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