The Most Inspirational Rock And Roll Bands: The Beatles, Elvis And Metallica

The British Invasion of the 60s helped inspire the heavy bass, smooth guitar solos and catchy beats that followed in the 70s and 80s, helping form classic American Rock and Roll that many enjoyed. From alternative, heavy metal, soft rock and hard rock, all can trace their roots to the music and lyrics that were seen during the British Invasion of the mid-60s that helped inspire music careers. Many of the bands of today can say that their root of musical motivation is one of three main musicians: Metallica, Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

The Beatles

The Beatles Mark BegelmanThe Beatles managed to start a rock and roll music trend with the teenage population, with their music becoming enjoyed and sung by millions of people across Europe and the United States. In spite of being the most commercially successful rock and roll band of all time, they managed to influence millions of other musicians and fans with their lyrics urging social change and revolution. The Beatles would also go on to inspire other musicians such as Bob Dylan, an advocate of peace and change, and the Beach Boys, a high-energy band singing about the sunny beaches and warm weather of California. Just imagine how different Radiohead vinyl would have been if The Beatles never began a band; much of what people listen to today would have sounded much different had it not been for The Beatles.


Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Mark BegelmanHe will live on forever as the King of Rock and Roll, and continues as one of the most commercially successful singers of all time, even in death. The owners of Elvis’ estate continue to see big profits, and much of this is attributed to sales of his records and the success of his Graceland mansion, which attracts millions of tourists a year. The King’s music transformed rock and roll, moving it away from soft guitar solos and low-pitched voices and instituting a high-energy, guitar-heavy sound that people adored. Elvis was able to change what it meant to be cool; his hairstyle, voice and even fashion sense was copied by millions of men across the world.


Metallica Mark BegelmanRock became changed once again in the 80s and 90s when Metallica went from the traditional style of music and elected to use more electric guitar solos and edgier lyrics. Despite Metallica’s commercial success throughout the 80s and 90s, the band remains successful 20 years later. Metallica vinyl will still fetch a pretty penny when auctioned off; this is especially true of rare LPs that had limited numbers of copies produced. The sounds of Metallica inspired other artists to produce songs filled with heavy electric guitar solos and edgier lyrics.


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