The rock n roll artist in 70s brought about a lot of changes in the rock n roll music

70s music Mark BegelmanIn the 70s it’s there were tremendous changes in rock n roll and below is some of them.

  • Rock and roll artist in the 70s are the ones that led to the birth of the various types of rock music we have today. Some of these types of rock are: punk rock, progressive rock, hard rock shock rock, glam rock, grunge rock, emo rock, indie rock, altertanative and heavy metal.
  • The artist in the 70s, made it possible for girls to form bands and get into rock music. If it were not for them most of the female rock musicians and bands would not be here today. They opened doors for the current females in the rock music industry.
  • The artists who were doing rock n roll in the 70s made it possible to put the music out there by creating festivals. They started the trend of summer music festival. Without these festivals there would not be some of the festivals like rock in Rio festival. The bands back then made this possible and helped in the marketing of the rock n roll music.
  • The rock concerts we have these days are much safer. This is because in 1979 there was a rock n roll concert and eleven fans were trampled on and died will a number of them were injured. Due to the riots there was a heighten level of security since then till to date.
  • The rock n roll bands of the 1970 have led to change the rock n roll music by incorporating the new technology then. The use of synthesizers was increased leading to having various forms of effects in the music, more distortation and the Taylor guitars started being used from the 70s. This helped in making the rock n roll music genre advance and more artists started forming bands.

The artist who sang rock and roll in the 70s led to the birth of what we call rock n roll and to most of the advance technology in the rock n roll.


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