Mark Begelman With Rick SpringfieldRick Springfield is an Australian singer, musician, actor, song writer, and author. He started his solo career with the song; “Speak to the Sky” that reached the top ten hits in Australia in the year 1972. He was a member of Zoot and pop rock from 1969 to 1971. He had his number one hit with Jessie’s girl in 1981 when he moved to the United States. Rick Springfield was awarded the Grammy Award for having been the best rock vocal performer in the male category.

He began in the television series “High Tide” as an actor from 1994 and 1997 and has featured in supporting roles in “True Detective” and in “Ricki and the Flash” this year. Springfield published his autobiography in 2010 known as “Late, Late at Night.” He is this one artist that has kept unshakable memory in the art industry especially with his hit song, “Jessie’s Girl.”

Rick continued to write and record songs but in 1981, he released his next album known as “Working Class Dog”. The album gave rise to the single “Jessie’s Girl” which emerged to be a worldwide hit that topped for two weeks in the United States on Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart and the Hot 100. In September 1969, Rick had replaced Hicks as the lead vocalist and guitarist in Zoot, with Birtles on vocals and bass guitar, Darryl, on lead vocals and guitar and Rick Brewer, who was on drums.

At one point when it had taken over 30 years since his hit “Jessie’s Girl” flown to the charts, Rick said he doesn’t get bored or tired of playing the song for as long as it is for an audience. The memory can not fade away easily when Rick, the 80s rocker brought jaded commuters to a standstill in New York on a Wednesday morning when he did perform this hit. The live performance happened at Manhattan’s Penn Station, and it was pretty good capturing several onlookers to sing along. His artwork will be very hard to fade away.

You have to watch this video once again, you know the words by heart:

Mark Begelman Creates Video (You know this one!) from Mark Begelman on Vimeo.


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