REPOST: Music with meaning: Local veterans shares passion for music

This article shares the power of music in inspiring and creating social awareness.


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BAKERSFIELD, CA – A local veteran is using his passion for music to raise money for other vets in Kern County.
Evan Morgan says through music and songwriting, he’s been able to express himself and the feelings he experienced when he served in Iraq nine years ago.

Morgan says those memories along with new ones, will be on his first album which is expected to be released in April.
After serving overseas, Morgan has been through a lot, including adapting to life in a wheelchair.
But, Morgan says he doesn’t want his disability to define him. Instead, he wants to leave a lasting impression through music.

Thursday afternoon, Morgan sang several songs on his new album at the American Sound Recording Studio in downtown Bakersfield.

For Morgan, it’s not just a hobby. He says writing music and performing helps him let go of the past, fighting overseas on the front lines.

But, those are also memories he sings about, hoping to help his fellow servicemen and women.

While in Iraq, both of Morgan’s legs were blown off and he lost sight in one eye during an improvised explosive blast, a time that changed his life forever.

But, Morgan says it was also a time when he turned to music and wrote his first song.

“A lot of times, a lot of these songs aren’t that new really. They’re going to be new for people who hear them but for me, I’ve had them in a notebook for years,” said Morgan.

But with his passion for music, Morgan has taken a new direction in life, hoping his songs will make a lasting impression.

“I want to make sure that I’m kind of doing something of my own, definition of my own choice. I want that to kind of be my lasting legacy, so to speak,” said Morgan.

Morgan’s album-release party will also be a fundraiser for the Wounded Heroes Fund.

The non-profit that helped him will receive a portion of the album’s proceeds.

“They’ve helped me, so many of my friends and just veterans around town, and in Kern County it seemed fitting,” continued Morgan.

And while Morgan continues to give back to his community, he hopes his songs will also make an impact just as big.
Morgan says you can follow his album progress on his Facebook page.

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