Mark Begelman: The Man Behind Markee Music

Mark Begelman

Mark Begelman

In order to get the best music you are often going to require the best equipment and facilities and this is a point that is certainly being addressed by Mark Begelman from Markee Music. This rehearsal space and recording facility located in Deerfield Beach, Florida offers everything that a band needs, but just who is the man behind it?
Mark has been in music for over 40 years, so he does have a wealth of experience and knows exactly what all musicians, no matter the standard they are at, require to record and play the best music that they can possibly make. This knowledge has helped both him and his partner, Keith Ridenour, build a studio with equipment that can open up a wealth of opportunities to the 4000 or so musicians that have this studio as their local facility.
It is also worth noting that Mark himself has twice won the Entrepreneur of the Year award that is given by Ernst & Young and he is also an honorary member of the Rock and Roll hall of fame, so he clearly understands what he is doing and this work and knowledge is appreciated by those in the industry. His caring side, and desire to help others in the arts and music industry, is also noticeable by his own foundation, which aims to help as many children as possible to realize their talents within these twin industries. What is clear is that Mark is all about putting as much back into society and music as possible and with everything he does being touched by success, it is clear that so many people are indeed benefiting from his work.
In short, thanks to the knowledge that Mark Begelman has regarding the music industry it does mean that Markee Music is the sensible choice when it comes to searching for recording facilities or rehearsal space in this part of Florida.


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