Mark Begelman, A journey through music

Interesting Facts about Mark Begelman

mark begelmanMark Begelman is a two-time recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year award by Ernest and Youngs. In addition, he has gained recognition as the CEO of the Year at Financial News and an exemplary member of the renowned Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With numerous awards to build his excellent reputation, Mark is returning into the music industry with Keith Ridenour as his business partner. 

Primarily, Mark’s goal is to offer a world-class and well-equipped facility for musicians who look for the finest service, top equipment, and remarkable atmosphere for band rehearsals and recording, which other facilities fail to offer.

While these business goals may seem immense for some, Mark is never a stranger when it comes to the music business. In fact, he and Keith are accomplished and professional songwriters and musicians. They also established the Ridenour Studios, until they have decided to sell it in 2003.

Additionally, Mark Begelman has been performing and playing music for more than 40 years now. He also devotes some of his time to play with his band called “Monkey at a Typewriter”. This music genius is also the former founder of the renowned Mars Music. With his long years of experience in the music industry, he understands how it feels to be treated as an important person or a nobody in the business. Hence, he makes it a point to treat his customers with the best services – just like what any promising or renowned rockstar deserves!

About the Markee Rehearsal and Recording Studio

Mark and Keith have decided to form the Markee Rehearsal and Recording Studio to cater to musicians out there. This noble dream of these two accomplished musicians has turned into a reality, as distinguished personalities teamed up with them in creating this state-of-the-art music facility for lessons, recording and rehearsals. Among the people who collaborated with them included Ringo Starr, Rascal Flatts, Ricky Martin, and David Frangioni. 

The best thing about Markee is its impressive features and capabilities. This remarkable facility offers a myriad of services including rehearsal space, recording studio, and music lessons all in one spectacular location. The area houses six well-equipped rehearsal studios, live or tracking room, four music lessons rooms, and studio control room. These rooms are built according to the highest STC ratings to ensure the finest quality of the area where musicians can record and rehearse in a sound-correct facility. With all these features, every customer will obtain the best services they deserve at Markee.